Baby Boutique

A boutique is "a small store that sells stylish clothing, jewelry, or other usually luxury goods". The word is French for "shop".

Crossroads “Baby Boutique” is the little shop where new mommy’s and daddy’s get to shop with their “Earn While You Learn” points - that turn into dollars - after graduating from their “Earn While you Learn” parenting classes!

Our little Baby Boutique offers a wide range of baby clothing, lotions, soaps, hats, booties, blankets, Nursery DVD’s, Baby Books, Nursing Pillows and covers, and many other items you might need for your baby and or nursery.

You have to be wise shoppers though and learn how to budget and choose items that are affordable and within your parenting budget of points you have earned.

We like to instill in our parenting class parents the idea of – you work, you earn and then you get to spend!

Crossroads has been blessed by generous donations from supporters of new baby items with brand names like Wal-Mart, Ross, Marshalls, Penney’s, Sears, Carters, and Macy’s to choose from as well as local handmade baby quilts from churches, senior centers and Project Linus.

Our parenting graduates look forward with such excitement to finally get to spend their hard earned points in the Baby Boutique!

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