Making an Informed Decision: Four Questions to Ask Before Choosing Abortion


Deciding whether or not to have an abortion is a difficult and personal decision that many women face. If you are considering this option, it is important to take the time to ask yourself some questions to ensure that you are making the right decision for yourself and your future. Here are four important questions to consider before deciding on abortion.

1 - What are your reasons for considering an abortion?

Understanding why you are considering an abortion is crucial in making an informed decision. Are you considering an abortion because of financial difficulties or because you don't feel ready to have a child? Or are you facing medical complications or personal circumstances that make it difficult to carry a pregnancy to term? By identifying your reasons, you can better understand your own feelings and motivations.

2 - Have you considered other options?

Abortion may seem like the most straightforward option, but it is important to remember that there are other alternatives. Have you thought about adoption? Have you considered keeping the baby and seeking support from family, friends, or resources in your community? It is important to weigh all your options and consider what is best for you and your future.

3 - How will an abortion impact your emotional and physical well-being?

An abortion can have both short-term and long-term emotional and physical effects. Have you thought about how you will feel after the procedure? Do you have a support system in place to help you through any emotional struggles that may arise? It is important to also consider the physical risks involved in the procedure, including infection, bleeding, and other complications.

4 - How will this decision impact your future?

An abortion is a life-altering decision that can have long-lasting effects on your future. Have you thought about how this decision will impact your relationships, your career, and your personal goals? It is important to consider all the potential outcomes of your decision and how it will impact your future.


Deciding whether or not to have an abortion is a difficult decision that requires careful consideration of many factors. By asking yourself these four important questions, you can better understand your own motivations and feelings, and make an informed decision that is right for you. Remember, whatever decision you make, Crossroads Resource Center is here for you. If you're facing an unplanned pregnancy and aren't sure what to do next, our team is ready to come alongside you on your journey so you can make an informed decision that is best for you and your body. Feel free to reach out to us today for more information.

At Crossroads Resource Center, we are devoted to providing our clients with confidential and complimentary services at both our Moses Lake and Ephrata locations. You can view our available services here.

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